Hi, My name is Joe Whitnell and I’d like to share my story with you.

First, I want to thank you for visiting my story page. It’s extremely important to get to know, like, and trust someone before you do any kind of business or build any kind of relationship with that person.

I was born in London Ontario and lived in Canada until I was eight years old. We moved to the United States in 1966 but that wasn’t before we had moved several times to different cities in Canada. I remember that my parents family members use to call us gypsies. My dad was always chasing the money until one day he got a job offer here in Michigan and away we went. But to my surprise this is where we stayed. My dad saw so much opportunity here and he knew this was the place we would call home. My parents were such hard workers and provided so well for my siblings and me. I grew up in a very positive home with parents that had a very strong work ethic.

When I graduated high school I went straight into the military and served 12 years in the US Navy. When I left the military I came home and went to work for my father which turned out to be a mistake. He was the head honcho and it was tough being the bosses son. I remember no one in the plant would sit with me at lunch or even talk to me for fear that they would say something bad about my father in front of me. He was tough to work for. So after about 6 months I decided it was in my best interests to leave and head out into the job market.

Well fast forward to today and many years and jobs behind me, I discovered the power of the internet. I spent a few years jumping from biz opp to biz opp not having much success. During this time I was trying to figure out how other people were having so much success. I just knew deep down inside that I have what it takes to do the same thing so I just kept pushing forward and my drive and determination is finally paying off. It hasn’t been easy but it is definitely worth it.

Now my mission is to show others how to build a full time income online as fast as possible. I’ve made a lot of mistakes but that is something you will definitely benefit from. My dream is to help others leave their nine to five jobs forever! I realized a long time ago that a job will have you living paycheck to paycheck and I’m convinced that anyone can break that routine if they really want to. It certainly won’t happen overnight, but with my guidance, coaching, and mentorship, I can show you how to do it in the shortest period of time.

There is no secret formula to making an awesome living online but here is my best advice….

Get started, go all in, and don’t look back.

And the most important thing, what ever you do, you must be consistent as hell!

So join me and let me help you change your financial future!

To your massive success….

Joe Whitnell